Maximus UV Lamp

Friday, July 8, 201112:00 AM(View: 12391)

  •  Reduces glare for more comfort to the eyes (*)
  •  individual electric transformaer for each UV lamp, engineered to control independently voltage, frequency to maximized bulbls life.
  •  Strong, sturdy structure. Impact resistant.
  •  Intensive cure to any gel (**)
  •  CE approved (***)
  •  ROHS Compliant (****)
  •  One year warranty.

(*) The wavelength is visible and harmless to eyes. But we do not recommend you stare at the bulb for a long time.
used with various kinds of UV products, such as UV Top Coat , UV Builder Gel ... etc
(***) CE marking (also known as CE mark) is a mandatory conformance mark on many products placed on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA). With the CE marking on a product the manufacturer ensures that the product is in conformity with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives.[1] The letters "CE" stand for "Conformité Européenne" ("European Conformity")

 48 WATTS MODEL (4 X 12WATT UV bulbs included)


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 60 WATTS MODEL (5 X 12WATT UV bulbs included)



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