Vector " Pointy" Half Moon Natural

Thursday, July 29, 20219:53 PM(View: 4031)
Vector Pointy Half Moon Natural
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Vector Square Full Moon Natural : Available sizes 0-10
Vector Square full moon clear : Available sizes 0-10
Vector " Pointy tips " Full moon natural : Available sizes 0-10
Falcon Clear half moon clear. Available sizes 0-10
Coffin Clear Tips haft moon. Available sizes 0-10 For the glamour look from designing to manufacturing, our professional tips are designed to conforms nicely to all nail bed shapes. Tips are made with pure ABS plastic to ensure the highest quality and color nail tips available. Natural curve, thin, easy apply with half-moon nail bed. Flexible, extremely durable, and easily attached to nails. Assorted 110-ct from size 0-10 / 10-ct each size
Natural curve, for french manucure. Available sizes 0-10 .
“Forever French” This half-moon tip with universal designed thin and flexible. Guarantees to fit all majorities of nail shape.Available in off white color.Tips are size from 0 – 10.
Semi-transparent, natural curve, extremely thin, effortlessly to attached to nails. Sizes 0 thru.10
For Toe pedicure .Available in natural color, off white, snow white, pearl. Tips are sizes 0 and double 0
European style, extra curve, super thin, bend free, will fit all shape of nail bed. Color available in Off White , Pearl and Black . Sizes 0 thru. 10