Ivy " Coffin tips" Half Moon Clear

Thursday, July 29, 20219:43 PM(View: 5301)
Coffin Clear
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Vector Square Full Moon Natural : Available sizes 0-10
Vector Square full moon clear : Available sizes 0-10
Vector " Pointy tips" half moon natural : Available sizes 0-10
Vector " Pointy tips " Full moon natural : Available sizes 0-10
Falcon Clear half moon clear. Available sizes 0-10
Natural curve, for french manucure. Available sizes 0-10 .
“Forever French” This half-moon tip with universal designed thin and flexible. Guarantees to fit all majorities of nail shape.Available in off white color.Tips are size from 0 – 10.
Semi-transparent, natural curve, extremely thin, effortlessly to attached to nails. Sizes 0 thru.10
For Toe pedicure .Available in natural color, off white, snow white, pearl. Tips are sizes 0 and double 0
European style, extra curve, super thin, bend free, will fit all shape of nail bed. Color available in Off White , Pearl and Black . Sizes 0 thru. 10